The research of today is the healthcare of tomorrow.


The current model of healthcare separates and categorizes, and often doesn’t create opportunities for mingling. Everyone is herded into their separate silos based on their assigned label. Patients, doctors (also separated by specialty), and researchers aren’t often found in the same room at the same time. The consequence of this type of model is a slow adaptation of new medical therapies.


Our goal at Feinstein is to break down those silos.  


We want patients to be informed on the future possibilities of care. 

The drop-down menu will help you navigate through our five different institutes to learn about the research happening within them. 


Feel free to browse the information provided and contact us with questions. Further, we encourage you to share these resources with patient groups, foundations, and doctors.


The healthcare of tomorrow is being written in labs all over the world and at the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research, we are excited to share with you the work we are doing to provide hope that a current situation isn't a final destination.

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